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              SeaView Systems’ SVS-603 is an inertial wave sensor that reports heading, wave height, wave period, wave direction, wave energy and directional spectra and other wave data via RS-232 serial port or USB port. The SVS-603 also includes an on-board micro-SD card slot which, when loaded with a compatible micro-SD card, can log more than 1.5 years of data.
              The SVS-603's accelerometers produce 14-bit triaxial easurements at a user configurable sample rate, typically around 2Hz. Wave analysis is then computed via an embedded microprocessor using a custom discrete Fast Fourier Transform algorithm and a set of SeaView proprietary algorithms. After the sensor has accumulated 2048 data points (the time for this will vary depending on the sampling rate, but for the 2Hz rate it is about 17 minutes) the recorded data is post-processed to extract wave statistics as well as other user configurable outputs which can then be output via RS-232 or USB ports or written to the on-board micro-SD card
              data logger.

              The SVS-603 is highly configurable and allows for different data streams on each of the serial, USB, and micro-SD card logging data streams. It also allows for user-configurable settings for many parameters such as sampling rates, filter cutoff frequencies and many others. This document includes complete command anguage and instructions for configuring the various settings and outputs for the SVS-603.
              The SVS-603 was designed by SeaView Systems Inc. using the latest available sensor and microprocessor technologies, based on a combination of widely published algorithms as well as SeaView proprietary algorithms that extend and augment analysis apabilities. The SVS-603 is designed to support simple integration into existing buoys or other platforms and to readily provide the most commonly requested output parameters. Because of the sensor and microprocessor capabilities and the design of the SVS-603, it also provides the ideal vehicle for incorporating and testing new algorithms or analyses. The SVS-603 is capable of providing
              access to either a fully analyzed set of wave statistics based on a full spectral analysis or the raw measurements that are used to perform this analysis. The latter possibility makes the SVS-
              603 a useful tool for testing new wave analysis algorithms or for back testing algorithms against historical data generated and saved to the SVS-603's on-board logger.
              The SVS-603 is fabricated in a facility that is certified to medical and aerospace manufacturing standards as well as a registered ISO9001 compliant quality management system.




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